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Evo Cat Games: Everything You Want to Know

Have you ever wanted to have some superpowers and rock a fearsome outlook such as a three-headed dragon? Your thoughts could now come true because Nemesis Realms has got you covered. In this post, we take a closer look at Nemesis Realms to demonstrate the amazing thrill of VR shooter games.

About Nemesis Realms

Nemesis Realms is a unique and one of the top-rated virtual reality games developed by EvoCat. In the game, the VR player is the video game boss. It is a multiplayer game where one player puts on the HTC Vive while others use the controllers.

The game is carefully designed so that the virtual reality player looks like a giant monster, while other players appear as tiny humans trying to bring it down. It is like making one of your friends into a videogame boss.

The game supports up to four players utilizing standard controllers. Then, the players have to take on the VR player appearing as a monster and trying to put it down. It is one of the best VR shooter games and can be played in two stages.

The Amazing Experience of Virtual Reality Gaming

Think of it this way, you are playing a video game, and end up in the characterโ€™s role, literally. That is the experience of virtual reality gaming. When playing shooter games with VR, you get an immersive experience, the technology that simulates the game environment so that you get yourself at the heart of the action.

Today, even online casinos have developed and are offering 3D gaming experience. This technology is designed to make gambling more intuitive and enjoyable. What is more interesting about the 3D experience in online casinos is that you can play different casino games for free using casino bonuses & promotions, and win real money.

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The Best VR Shooter Games to Play on Steam

  • Swords of Gargantua

This is one of the best VR shooter games designed to help you enjoy the fantasy of being a monster-slaying worrier. The game comes with a single-player mission and about 30 weapons that ensure you will not run out soon to maim and defeat your enemy. Although you can play this game alone, you will get an extra thrill when you play in fours.

  • Raw Data

Raw Data is another leading VR shooter game that has mesmerized players. The game transports you into the future where you are required to defeat an evil Eden Corporation. The corporation has the control of entire globe, and you take the role of a hacker from an underground hacking group. Your task is to decimate the corporation and siphon as much data as possible.

The scientific setting and action-oriented gameplay give you total control of nanotech and weapon powers. This game design has made Data one of the best VR shooter games out there.

  • Eagle Flight

This VR game is awesome in every sense. You get an opportunity to control an eagle hovering above the streets of Paris. Because humans have been extinct for about 50 years, the eagle has a lovely view of the different landmarks, including the Eiffel Towers. The action of this game comes when you move down fighting other animals trying to invade your territory.

  • The Hunted

In this VR game, the Fugitive, Rambo, and X-Files come together in a shooting game that no one wants to put away. Here, you play the role of a decorated war veteran that has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and was wrongfully accused of killing spouse and kid. As you hit the road on the run, you must fight and survive long enough in order to prove your innocence.

  • Elite Dangerous

If you like space fights, the Elite Dangerous is one of the best VR shooter games that will make everything look real. You get to control the cockpit where you attack the enemy with an assortment of weapons. This game is ideal for players looking for a polished and proven experience.

Must Have Gear and Equipment

If you want to enjoy the world of shooter games with VR, you need to have the right gear and equipment. The virtual reality head-mounted display is a major part of the equipment and gear. It is a form of helmet with a pair of goggles featuring a screen that relays three-dimensional images. They also have headphones to relay audio and video outputs. You get to enjoy the whole enthralling 3D experience relaxing on your couch. Other requirements include:

  • Data gloves
  • Joysticks
  • Data suits
  • Workbenches

Virtual reality is the next big thing in the world of gaming. It helps to make gaming more intuitive by thrusting you into the heart of the action. If you have not tried shooter games on VR, it is time to take your experience to the next level with EVO Cat games.